Fee Schedule

No two writing assignments are the same; some require more in-depth research, whereas others may call for a little more creativity. All of my content is 100% customized and completely tailored to your needs; that’s why my fees vary from assignment to assignment. However, I charge between 4¢ to 8¢ per-word, on average. Need a personalized quote? Contact me today!

Payment Method and Terms

In my experience, PayPal is the hands-down easiest way to send and receive payments online, so I prefer to accept payment via this platform. I require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your quoted price before I can begin working on your assignment.

Once you receive your content from me, be sure to review it and let me know if you’d like any changes to be made (I’ll revise until you’re 100% thrilled with the results). Once I receive the remaining 50% of the payment, all rights to the content will be yours and you’ll be free to use it however you like!

If you’d like a discount on your content, I’m typically willing to lower my rates for clients who will include my by-line and/or a link to my website within the content. If this is something you’re interested in, be sure to let me know when you contact me!


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