About Me

I like to think I have a life outside of writing!


I’m an avid recreation enthusiast, particularly when it comes to amusement parks and roller coasters. Currently, I’m a member of the Great Ohio Coaster Club and have been on more than 300 different roller coasters in more than 50 amusement parks across the globe. I also spent a couple summers during college working at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

I’m also a cat-lover (or, as my friends and family would say, a “crazy cat lady”); in my free time, I volunteer at a local no-kill cat shelter that cares primarily for cats with special needs. I also have two cats of my own, named Luna and Geauga (after defunct amusement parks, of course).
Just over a year ago, my boyfriend and I also became first-time home owners. As such, we’ve grown fond of taking on new home improvement projects (and often testing our patience in the process). For example, this past summer, we learned how to stain and seal a ~1,000 square foot wooden deck, re-mulch our front yard, and open/close an above-ground pool.

When I’m not writing, riding roller coasters, spending time with cats, or doing work around the house, I also love reading, visiting lighthouses, wine tasting, and arts & crafts.


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