as the rest of my life went by–

I haven’t updated here in forever. It’s actually been almost exactly two years. I’m not sure what’s compelling me to write now. Maybe it’s that I have 10 work assignments staring me down and I’m looking for an excuse to not do them right now. Maybe it’s that I really want to get some things down but I don’t have the time or patience to physically put pen to paper right now.

Craig went back to work today. Funny how everything that went down exactly one month and one day ago put all the stupid worries in my life into perspective, reminding me that it’s not worth sweating the small stuff. Of course, I continue to sweat the small stuff–it’s the way my brain was wired–but I try to remind myself more often now that only a few things in life actually matter. Still, a few times over the past couple of weeks, Craig has jokingly tapped his fingers against my forehead and said, “I wonder what goes on in there.” And I just laugh, and tell him he doesn’t want to know.

The summer has flown by mercilessly, as it always seems to. Next year, we’ll have to re-think our season pass purchases because we’ve only been to Kentucky Kingdom once (for a few hours) and Cedar Point once (though that will change next weekend). Oddly enough, our Indiana Beach passes have paid off the most out of all of them. Though next summer, we also won’t have a wedding to plan, so that’ll free up a lot of time (and money).

50 days and two hours from today, I will be saying my vows to Craig, and all the stress and craziness of the past year will never matter again. In the meantime, I’ll keep myself sane with John Darnielle’s voice over my laptop speakers and a purring cat in my lap.


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