when you dream

This time five years ago, I was asleep on my dad’s living room couch, having dreams of my baby sister finally being born. Hours prior, my dad had taken Kim to the hospital because she was having contractions; they didn’t think it was labor just yet, but they wanted to take her in just to be sure. I was somewhere in between watching TV and drifting off when I heard them leave…my dad reassuring me that he’d call if it was the real deal.

I slept with my phone next to my face all night and woke up to a phone call early in the morning. She was actually in labor!

I reflect back on these moments–this day–so often that it doesn’t seem like it’s been five years. Holy cow. My sister has become such a smart, hilarious, energetic girl; she can legitimately beat me at chess, one of her favorite movies is “School of Rock” with Jack Black, and she’s kicking butt in her horseback-riding lessons. She’s gonna be way too cool for me before I know it, but I’m so happy and proud to call her my sister. And so excited that her, dad, and Kim will be on their way up from Louisville in just a few hours. 🙂


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