always landing on my feet

Last night, Ash sent me a listing for a tiny house for rent in Oahu, Hawaii. I got to missing the beaches and wishing that I had spent more time soaking up every second that we had there in 2006 (God, was that really seven years ago?)…I should have taken more time to appreciate the mountains way off in the distance on the ride from the airport to the house we stayed in. The house was beautiful and made of glass more than anything else; from just about any spot inside, you could see palm trees and the ocean. The ocean was literally in our backyard. I remember sitting in the sand at night and wondering how there could be so many stars in the sky.

I think I was a sophomore in high school when we took that trip. I was lying in bed on a school night when Ash called me.

“Want to go to Hawaii next week?”


I was afraid my parents wouldn’t let me go because I’d have to miss so much school, but they did. And I loved the spontaneity of it all. I miss spontaneity, which is probably what makes the idea of renting a 300-something square foot shack in Oahu all the more appealing. Note to self: make something like this happen soon. Maybe not something as drastic as running off to Hawaii for a few months, but something that will help me break this cycle.


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