the timing of things.

how do you explain…

setting your alarm clock for 8:30AM (meanwhile, forgetting to set the alarm on your phone as a backup like you normally do) and waking up at 8:20-something–apparently by the free will of your own body–seconds before a sporadic power outage that resets your alarm clock completely? How do you explain the few blurred moments of consciousness where you (at least partially) acknowledge the dull background noise from the television that you left on and its dim flickering lights…and then the few seconds later where you lunge into full-on awareness when it all goes quiet and dark, and you realize it’s a good thing you came into this awareness because you would have been late for work otherwise?

How do you explain the timing of anything?

I remember exactly where I was this time last year and the feeling of certainty that every day would be pretty much the same as the one before. And then this one little (?) thing happened at what might have been the worst possible time. And a few weeks later, I was making a huge mistake. Soon after that, a confession; a realization. Eventually, a new commitment. All because of this one thing that happened at this one time.

How do you explain the people who fall into and out of your life? I’ve been wondering for years but I’m happy wondering.


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