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So it’s been awhile…

Today marked the start of my second semester in the Written Communication program, and I’m already starting to feel like I made the right decision in sort of switching over the the Professional Writing emphasis (still considering going for my grad. certificate in Teaching of Writing, but that’s dependent on all sorts of things at this point). I’m already in love with my Visual Rhetoric class; it’s an awesome thing to get to a point in my education where I can take classes dedicated to (seemingly) tiny corners of the field, only to realize that they are entire fields within themselves. There’s something exciting and comforting about that–it’s almost like I’m not so weird after all to be interested in these things.

I couldn’t even be mad about having to head back to campus today because I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday break. Got to continue a tradition that’s been ongoing since (I think?) my freshman year of high school with some of my closest friends. Got to spend some time with my Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Tom, and Tyler in Michigan before Christmas. Got to wake up in Indy on the morning of Christmas eve and then head over to Louisville to spend the rest of the week with Dad, Kim, and Addison. Got to watch Addison open her presents on Christmas morning and got to open the present she made me: a super cute purple beaded bracelet with a ladybug charm (I’ve worn it almost every day since. Handmade gifts from a soon-to-be-five-year-old…does it really get any better than that?). Got to ring in 2013 at an 80s-themed party with Craig, where I totally rocked out a hot pink zebra print skirt, fishnet shirt, tights, and legwarmers. Got to spend a couple of nights downriver with my best friend since third grade, drinking entirely too much and reminiscing and contemplating the present, the future. Possibilities.

Yeah, I can’t complain one bit.

Speaking of the future, my obsessive-compulsive and paranoid side has been trying to plan ahead for the summer as of lately (and by lately, I mean since maybe a week or so ago, when it really hit me that this semester is going to fly by). Ash and I had talked about traveling all summer, which still sounds amazing, but I think we both want to do other things for ourselves too. The biggest issue for me is the whole living situation. In a way, I’d hate to give up my lease here because it’s so damn convenient; it’s cheap, it’s close to campus, and I generally like the place/my roommates. At the same time, the thought of paying rent to basically keep my stuff here until next fall is kind of…a bummer.

I also miss having my own place. GOD, if I could just buy bathroom or kitchen decor again, that’d be fantastic. So depending on what all happens this summer (and my hopes are pretty high for very specific things to work out), I may very well shoot to get my own place next school year. The only catch will be finding a place that’ll let me do a nine-month-or-so lease, because I’m outta here once I have my degree. Not sure where, but outta here for sure.

Anyway, I’m just going to use this week to take in all the new things going on, to remember what I’m thankful for, and to do what I can to help a close friend get through a rough time. Oh, and to look forward to all of the things I have to look forward to: Zac Brown concert this weekend, Matchbox Twenty concert next month, little sissy’s birthday, Las Vegas…oh, I am a lucky girl. Now I can’t stop looking at lighthouses that just so happen to be on the way to (or only slightly out of the way of) Chicago and the Mall of America.


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