Very thankful that I got to spend the last six days with people that I love. Sure, I exhausted myself by doing a lot of driving (from here to Monroe to Indy to Louisville to northern Indiana back to Indy to Auburn and…finally, back on the road to Ypsi around 6:30 this morning), but it was all worth it and then some. On a very related note, I hate goodbyes.

I keep telling myself I only have a few more weeks to get through until I’ll have a real long vacation, but there’s so much to get done in these last few weeks that I’m overwhelmed and just want to curl up in a ball. But I’ll get it done, and then I’ll enjoy three weeks of blissful nothing-ness before it starts all over again. A friend of mine today told me that she’s dropping out of grad. school after this semester; it’s just not for her and I told her I knew the feeling. Part of me is jealous. She said she didn’t want to waste any more of her money, and that got me thinking that if it weren’t for my assistantship, I probably would be dropping out after this semester too.

I’m super proud of myself for managing to stick with the diet for all THREE of the Thanksgiving dinners I went to. I ate so much turkey and so many deviled eggs, but I have to say, I was never really tempted. I’m still amazed at how I haven’t had a whole lot of cravings yet–maybe because there are so many healthy, low-carb substitutes for everything. I haven’t really felt like I’m on a diet at all, yet the scale is telling me otherwise and I am totally okay with that.

I’ve also had a lot more energy lately, which was why I decided to give the diet a try in the first place. Hell, I’m on only a few hours of sleep and it’s 10 o’clock and I’m wanting to stay up and just write and watch trash TV for hours. And the last week or so, I have woken up before my alarm on at least a few occasions and stayed up–something that was unheard of for me before. Yesterday morning, I woke up next to Craig, sick with a cold, voice gone, head pounding, but somehow so comfortable and happy. I laid there for a good hour, alternating between watching some TLC documentary on people whose bodies don’t age (creepy) and admiring Craig (like a creep) while he slept. I appreciated this even more when I woke up in Auburn at 6:30 this morning, and then rushed to pack up and hit the road within ten minutes so I could just barely make it to work on time.

Six months with Craig tomorrow. I’m head over heels.


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