losing control of the language (again)

Today all I could notice were nines ticking to zeros, and hundreds to thousands. My eyes were glued to my car’s odometer on the short drive home from school and I caught the split second of time (distance?) where the digital readout blinked from 26,999 to exactly 27,000. I wondered if I could have driven around the globe by now (yes; as it turns out, 1.125 times). I felt thankful for how thoughtlessly those miles have racked up and wondered about how different things would be otherwise.

The highlights of today: class discussions (writing as process, audiences within audiences, identity/voice/investment, social awkwardness), less daunting confrontations with spiders, sparking a totally satisfying “ah-hah!” moment with a writer this morning, exchanging pirate-speak with Addi in celebration of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, and coming home after twelve hours on campus to this:


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