Changing Opinion

Maybe it’s the hum of a changing opinion/or a foreign language in prayer
Maybe it’s the mantra of the walls and wiring/deep breathing in soft air

All I can say is grad school is hard. It’s either that or I’m taking it too seriously. Or I need to start getting up earlier.

But I will say this: I’m beginning to really get into some of the material, and that’s exciting. I’m slowly but surely getting used to my new role with the EMWP, and I got back to tutoring today (which was incredible). Still, there’s so much going on…more than I’m used to. Sometimes I wish I had the luxury of not having to worry about anything but school. No job, no bills to pay, no anything. Most times, though, I am thankful for the chaos; it helps me to prioritize, and it helps me to appreciate little things like this (being able to sit down at a quarter ’til midnight with a drink and a finished “to-do” list).

I’m still living for my weekends, though…especially this one, and the next one.


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