the summer crawled by indetectably–

I’m too tired to even write in detail about much of anything, but this pretty much sums up my week:

ImageImageImageEmptied and crushed detergent bottles, separated into color coordinated piles. Only in Ann Arbor.

ImageThis typesetter’s response to one of our proofing suggestions made me laugh out loud yesterday. “NO.”


I GOT TO SEE BOO BOO YESTERDAY. He got so excited he scratched me and drew blood (might also have something to do with the fact that I was the one who would always trim his nails).


ImageImageAfter work snack today. I couldn’t resist.

ImageImageThis construction has been the cause of so much of my frustration for the past few weeks.

ImageTomorrow, we’re celebrating Chelsey’s birthday!!! I can’t wait to see everyone. Craig is staying here this weekend, too…eeeeeek so excited! Tomorrow is going to drag on and I’m going to be pissed.



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