hold on to your dreams until there’s nothing left of them

On the way to work on Friday, this happened:


Yesterday was Ash’s 22nd birthday party, and it was a blast. We got to talking about one of her birthday parties that she had in elementary school and could not believe it when we realized that was a decade ago. I think about this a lot (and her and I talk about it every so often) — that I feel so lucky to consider her my best friend, and to have been able to call her my best friend for about fifteen years now. There are so many people who have come into my life and fallen out of it, especially with all the moving around I’ve done and all the craziness that we’ve both been through. And even though there are hectic times when we won’t see each other for a while, I always feel like we’re literally picking our conversations back up where we left off, and I am so freaking thankful to have a friendship like that.

Anyway, here are some select moments from her house last night. The randomness of these pics is the best part:


Today, I woke up surprisingly not hungover, aside from a pounding headache that went away pretty quickly. Ash and I did Mongo for lunch, which I SHOULD HAVE GOT PICS OF considering how amazing it was and how long I’ve been wanting to go there.

I went to Trader Joe’s to do grocery shopping for the first time today and loved it. I’m kind of upset that I’ve been living in the area for five years now and just finally gave the place a try, but I’ll definitely be going there from now on.

I’m pretty happy with how productive I was today. I worked a bit to try and offset the expensive weekend that I know I’m about to have (I need to get better about where/how I spend my money.) It was nice enough outside when I got home from grocery shopping that I showered, put on a sundress, wrapped my wet hair in a towel, and decided to work in the backyard.


Still, my productivity is put to shame by my roommate’s. I don’t know how she does it, but I wish I had this kind of motivation:


(Not pictured: the homemade banana bread loaf that she also left on the table for me and my other roommate.)

Here’s to hoping that this week flies by…in the meantime, my goal for this week is to find a bike on Craigslist, and maybe buy myself some roller blades. Also in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the rest of this perfect night with country music on Pandora, my bedroom windows cracked open, my journal, and a drawing pad. 🙂


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