felt so much in love; felt like myself again

What a fantastic weekend. It was so good to get out to CP with Chelsey and Ash on Saturday. We were expecting obnoxious crowds and storms, but the weather cleared up once we hit Ohio and the crowds weren’t bad at all (considering it was a holiday weekend). More than anything, it was really cool to go to the park with Ash again. We’d not been together since closing day ’08, and even then, I was working so it was mostly hanging out/drinking at Breakers afterwards.

Saturday, in a nutshell:


On Sunday night/technically Monday morning, I did something I should have done awhile ago…and couldn’t be happier.

Today, after I get off of work in three hours (ugh, seriously, still another three hours?), I will devote lots of time to sleeping. I need to get back into the habit of going out and exploring Ann Arbor after work, but I’ve just been so drained lately. Hopefully, with things going the way they are, that will change soon.


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