that’s a damnable lie.

I think pretty soon the time is going to come where I’m gonna have to try and explain to Addison what happened between Nate and I. It’s getting kinda old deflecting her questions when she calls.

“What’s Arrow doing?”

“What’s Nate up to?”

I wish I knew. And I don’t know.

Or, “What are you doing?”

Oh, just at a friend’s house…as I have been for the past two months…

It’s either I’m going to have to tell her, or she’s going to figure out on her own that something’s up (if she hasn’t already) when I come to Louisville without him…which is likely to happen within the next week or two.

But how do you even have that conversation with a 4 year-old? Why can’t she be like 2 again and not question/acknowledge my relationships? I know she liked Nate; I’m worried that, to her, it’s going to be like losing a friend more than anything. But in a way, I feel like the conversation has to be had before I show up. She should know ahead of time that it’s just gonna be sissy staying over this time around.


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